Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The One With All The Interviews (13 months + 4 days)

Who the hell are you?!

Well hi there! I see you've stumbled across our brand new super shiny blog! I am Bones (Bridget Bones, that is) and the adorable child you see posted all over the background of the page is Piglet. She's mine. My baby. All mine.

We live in The North, with the boys (Boris and Jeremy- our puss cats). Boris runs away a lot and hates the world. Jeremy is clingy and cries when things go wrong. They do say that pets take after their owners...

I am a chemistry student. I'm actually at uni in London but am distance learning for these final couple of months because...I'm not in London! Piglet is a professional non-sleeper. That is her occupation. Also professional cake eater. She's very good at that.

Right..ok, cool. So, what's this all about?

This is the story of our lives. I started writing a blog when I was pregnant with Piglet, but have decided to move it and start afresh (Yeah, that's right. I'm running away on the internet- Boris takes after me). It is for Piglet. When she is old. In some ways it's for me aswell. For when I am old., where have you come from then?

It's a secret :) (although I don't think it would take much effort to find out!)

So, what are you actually planning on doing with your life?

Gosh, that's a hard one! I'm hoping to one day go into medicine and become a surgeon. At the moment I'm looking at doing a second masters/PhD whilst Piglet is still small. I also work in a bar.... Which is fine. For now.

Wait, you have a one year old baby, you're doing a degree, AND you have a job? What? How do you cope?

...Did I say I was coping?!

Well, how do you survive then?

Nursery. Babysitters. A few naughty cigarettes. The occasional large glass of wine. And writing down all of my FEELINGS. Did I mention I'm a long distance runner and am currently in training for the London Marathon aswell?

Shut up.

Yeah, you're right, it's probably best if I do.

I'm quite sporadic in my blogging. Sometimes I'll post several times a week, sometimes you won't see anything for a month. Stick with us though- we're quite entertaining.

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