Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The One With The Earl Grey Switch (17 months + 29 days)

Jesus Christ, I really need to start finding a balance between "doing things to write about" and "actually writing about things that I do". Currently former has massively been taking precedence over latter.

There are relatively few things that irk me about NNB. Which is pleasantly surprising to be completely honest, given the amount of time that I spend with him. However, (ahahaha "however"- here we go....) he has one quality that up until very recently has...really (is it a really? It is a really) irritated me. Really really really irritated me (Will he mind me saying this? I don't think so. He knows about blog- to be perfectly honest, I think he reads blog but pretends he doesn't- and I have told him that this aspect of his personality has a tendency to get under my skin. Also, I'm using it as a moral-type thing. So it's good in the end. You'll see.)

I am fast. I am speedy speedy speedy. I would say I am efficient. One of my biggest pet hates is people who dawdle (dawdle? Seriously, what kind of word is dawdle? This is shocking.) NNB would probably argue that he doesn't dawdle. He would probably say that when he takes 33 hours to collect Piglet from nursery because he's showing her the guinea pigs, and the sea, and the sky, and a passing cat that he's just spending time with her (which is lovely- very very very lovely- do not get me wrong). Or when he wants to take a different route into town because it's more scenic (note: LONGER why would you do this? Quickest most direct route please) he's just being lovely. He bloody dawdles though.

I have always believed that speedy and efficient is very beneficial. Good quality to have. And it is. In certain circumstances. For example, at work, if there's 5 tables that need clearing, another 4 with food that needs running and 3 people waiting at the bar, I can sort it all in 2 minutes. And I'm not exaggerating there (I am Goddess of waitresses). In terms of technicality (is there a technical side to bar work?), I am amazing. Customer service...? Probably not so much. Because people annoy me. And they take their time, and they go slowly, and they don't know what they want, and I've always got 15 other things that need doing, and I don't understand why you have come to the bar to order food if you don't know what you want...?

(Also, please please please everyone if you take your menu to the bar with you please please please take it back to your table because it makes me want to throw myself off a bridge when there's 25 menus all left at the bar thank you love you all xxxxxxx)

Sometimes though, speedy is not the best way to be. And I've only learnt this very recently. VERY recently. So, we've had quite a few mini-breaks in the past month. Piglet, NNB and I went up to Scotland for a couple of days to see my parents whilst they were on holiday there; Piglet and NNB then had a weekend in Yorkshire (accidentally put "Yorkshite" initially- definitely can't mention that one to NNB. That may be breaking point). with his parents (I had to work, naturally), and then the three of us went back down to Yorkshire for a few days slightly later in the month.

Now, as was probably quite evident in my previous post, I was feeling rubbish. Really shit. Have I been to the doctors about this? No, because I haven't had time. Equally it is probably quite clear from this that I'm not feeling like that anymore. So, where has the dark cloud of doom gone then?

I needed those breaks. I needed to not have to do a million and one things at once. I needed time to dawdle. And sometimes when you take a step back from everything, it's not that bad. It could be worse. It could be A LOT worse. As silly as it sounds, I'd taken a huge hit with my degree result. And I had been floating around saying I was fine, and it was fine, and I'm all fine with all of it and everything. I wasn't. I think I am now though. I think I'm reaching acceptance. In terms of finances, as is always the case with my life, I had no money and then all of a sudden all the money I had been waiting for came through in one big go so I was rich (for five minutes of course. Then the money had to go again). That's a huge relief though. That was a big big big stress. (Although I am still waiting for cheeky tax rebate and I have already spotted beautiful coat that is going to be mine mine mine mine mine when that comes through).

And thus- as always- I was wrong in my views on life (just going back to the coat- honestly, it is SO PRETTY IT IS BEAUTIFUL). Dawdling is necessary. Dawdling can help (let me see if I can get a link to the coat).

But now dawdling time is over (oh, here is the coat. Just LOOK at it. LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS). So, now that we have finished dawdling, what are we all doing? Well, Piglet is back at nursery full-time- I'd cut her down to two days a week over August to minimise expenditure whilst the money was at £0. She's also getting very very very close to properly talking. She said "nursery" the other morning. She says "car brum brum". And cat (in fact, every morning the first thing she does is try to click her fingers and say "psssspsssspssspsss" to get the cat to come over to her). She's so sweet. And everything gets kisses. So I get kisses. NNB gets kisses. Cat gets the most kisses of all of us (she did run off with NNB's shoes last night and I caught her kissing those....) NNB has started teacher training which is just past nursery so he is in charge of nursery runs in the morning and evening (Piglet actually waits for him to come and pick her up at the top of the stairs- she is very fond of NNB). And as for me, I have started a fitness instructing and personal trainer course at college (OOH but look at this coat. Oh that is pretty. Oh I like that coat. God this is hard. Cannot justify getting two coats). So I am eternally a student (praise the Lord!)

Anyway. Take home message:

- Dawdling is good for the soul. And I am currently very content with my life (also, customer service skills have improved 10-fold. Sometimes I actually SMILE).

- Coats are lovely and everyone definitely needs at least 12.

(This is all utterly hilarious because I'm talking about the benefits of taking time out and I went to bed at midnight, have been up since four, have college during the day, then gym, then work till 10pm, homework that I need to do and an ironing pile that is the same height is me.)

In case anyone is wondering about the title of this post, I have recently made the switch from drinking 334 coffees per day to consuming only 184 coffees and 150 cups of Earl Grey tea.... which is clearly a perfect metaphor for allowing yourself some dawdling time. Obviously. Gosh, keep up won't you?

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