Saturday, 25 June 2016

The One With Power and Control Where I'm An Inny (27 months + 14 days)

Here's how this post was supposed to go:

The One With Power and Control (27 months + 12 days)

Power and control. Power and control. Power and control are two terms that are often used interchangeably. And justifiably so. At first glance, you could argue that to have power over someone or something is equivalent to having control over it (and vice versa), right?

Let's ask the dictionary:

POWER: The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way; the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.

CONTROL (verb): Maintain influence or authority over; determine the behaviour or supervise the running of.

Similar? Certainly. Equivalent? Absolutely not. That singular difference in phrase- influence vs. determine- is what separates power and control. Power and control is the theme of this post (in case you hadn't got that already...keep up, man). 

So, let's kick it off in post-plague-pocalypse (it's almost a word- just go with it) with:


And then I was going to run through a number of events with you, and discuss the power and control element in all of them. I was going to describe our races and trips away (#MummyandPigletonTour); I was going to talk about my concerns regarding Piglet's speech, and how it turns out that I'm actually crazy, and she is fine; I was going to discuss the current situation regarding NNB- and the control element within that. I was going to finish with how we were exercising our power to influence our nations future by voting in the referendum (oh, and also publicise our book, 'cos that's happening btw). I will still discuss all these things- I have the post ready to go. But for now, there is something that I need to talk about, that is far greater than anything that we, as individuals, have done, or are doing. And so, I give you this:

The One Where I'm An Inny (27 months + 14 days)

So, "democratically", we have chosen as a nation to leave the EU. I echo Tim Farron's statement in which he says he is "heartbroken" (FYI Tim Farron has inspired me so much in the past 24 hours that I have actually joined the Lib Dems, which is something that I never thought I would say). I am shocked. And I am upset. I won't sit here and tell you why I believe we should have remained in the European Union- there is little point; it is too late. I will tell you that I'm very affected by the outcome. I'm angry- and I'm allowed to be. There's all for everybody saying, "well, it's happened now, so let's all just pull together"- but how do we when we are so divided? How do I "pull together", for something that I believe is drastically wrong? And, don't even get me started on anyone who is openly bragging about "not doing politics", or stating that "politics doesn't turn me on". I think these people make me the angriest of them all.

Why did the majority choose to leave? I don't think it's because the majority are "stupid" or "racist" (in spite of what the voting analysis related to "most educated areas" and "how people identify themselves" may try to make you believe). I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe there are some who will have sat down, and looked at the arguments for both sides- and properly done their research, and believed that leave was the sensible choice. However, I think that there was a lot of misinforming done by the leave campaign. And I find it hard to believe that it was a democratic choice, when people are being fed false propaganda. Obviously, this is just my opinion. I am not saying the remain campaign was innocent in any sense.

I believe there was probably a significant proportion of people who were "taking a stand" against the government; telling DC they weren't happy with how things were. Now that's great and all- but this really wasn't the time or the place for that- you should have dealt with that last May in the general election, as opposed to keeping Cameron in (where only 66% of the electorate voted btw- so really, to the 1/3rd of you that didn't vote- you have no right to moan about the outcome or state of the country if you don't choose to exercise your power over the outcome).

Whatever. My views are in the minority, (nationwide, only just, but where I live, I am outnumbered almost 2:1). Did you know the EU invested £7 billion into UK science funding between 2007-2013? Our own investment meanwhile, dried up following the recession. We can wave goodbye to that, can't we? Expect the EU to now behave like a scorned ex-girlfriend- and with good reason. They need to make sure they set an example to anybody else who dares to contemplate leaving them.

We're heading into an uncertain future. And I am not going to "pull together" for it- and when the divide is so great, I really don't see how we can. I am not happy. To everyone who voted to leave: I appreciate your views, and I- on some level- will try to understand why you did it. But currently? I'm praying for that Scottish referendum. And I'm going to make sure I'm on their side of the border when it happens. 

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