Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The One With Piglet's Perspective (28 months + 15 days)

HI EVERYONE! Piglet here. Mummy says I get to write this post, because she's feeling weird at the moment. She says she's "overreacting and behaving irrationally", but I'm not entirely sure what that means.

So, the first exciting thing I have to report: WE'RE ON HOLIDAY! At least, I think it's a holiday. We're staying at a different house, anyway. Mummy says it's NNB's new flat. I really like it; there's loads and loads of rooms to explore, and SO MANY STAIRS! Gosh, I love stairs. Mummy doesn't seem to be as keen on the stairs as I am.... She keeps telling me to get off them. Puss cat likes the stairs though. She's come on holiday with us too. And the hamsters. It's really fun. I miss our home though. I miss my room, and Mummy's room, and sleeping in Mummy's bed and playing in our garden. Mummy says she's not sure when we're going home yet. I'm a bit concerned about Mummy at the moment.

I don't know why we're on holiday. Mummy tried to explain. She said it was something to do with the man who used to come round to the house, but I don't really understand. It's all very confusing for me. Mummy is very confusing for me at the moment. She keeps crying. And then she's laughing. And then crying some more. Sometimes she's shouting. And then crying again. I try to cheer her up as much as I can. Yesterday she was crying because she couldn't find my shoes, so I ran over to her and gave her the BIGGEST KISS in the WORLD. That made her laugh again. I don't like it when Mummy is sad; it's much nicer when she's happy and smiling.

We didn't go out for nearly FOUR WHOLE DAYS when we first came here. I didn't like this. I like to be able to go out and explore. Mummy said we couldn't go out. I don't know why- Mummy had the keys to go outside, so why couldn't we? I tried to explain this to her by taking the keys and putting them in my bag. This made Mummy sad again. Mummy said she felt "guilty", but this is another one of those words that I'm not entirely sure about. NNB is behaving normally though. NNB IS SO MUCH FUN! I've missed him a lot. Don't tell Mummy, but I think I prefer NNB to her at the moment. She's broken right now. She might look like my mummy, but she isn't acting like my mummy.

NNB disappeared for a while, during our holiday. Mummy said he was "working". Mummy was REALLY weird when he left. She heard someone knock on the door and wouldn't answer it. She was all weird and shaky. The last time she did this was the last day we were at our house. Mummy didn't get dressed ALL DAY. She just lay in bed, and kept crying and asking for cuddles. Maybe that's why we went on holiday? I don't know. Someone knocked on the door then. I went to answer it, like I always do, but Mummy said no. She was talking really quietly, so I went over and sat on her lap so I could hear her better, and she gave me a big cuddle, and put her hand over my mouth and told me we had to be quiet like mice. The person at the door put something through the letter box. And then they knocked on the window. Mummy was shaking again. I got the leaflet for her- it said it was the police & that Mummy needed to call them because she was a "victim". Mummy started crying again when she saw that. Mummy says she didn't call the police; she says she doesn't know who called the police. She still hasn't spoken to the police. NNB says she tried to, but every time she calls, she goes all weird and shaky again. I don't like Mummy like this.

Mummy isn't sleeping at the moment. I thought this sounded REALLY fun, so I've been trying to stay awake with her too. She says I can't though. I don't understand why- if Mummy doesn't have to sleep, why do I have to? Sometimes she tricks me; she gives me a big hug, and pretends that we're dancing. Mimsy used to do this to me, and it always made me fall asleep when I was small, but Mummy could never do it. She's learnt how to now though- sneaky Mummy! I like it when Mummy rocks me to sleep. It makes me feel safe. Mummy says she doesn't feel safe. I think that's why Mummy doesn't want to go home right now. She said it's not home anymore. She says it's changed. I don't know why it's changed though, it looked the same as it always did on the day that we left? (Although it was a little bit messier- Mummy hadn't cleaned because of staying in bed, and I was on a RAMPAGE.)

We've been doing loads of fun things on holiday. We've watched lots and lots of films (these mainly make Mummy cry); we've been to the library and got lots of books which was REALLY fun- one of the people in the books has the same name as me! We went to the cinema too, which was AMAZING! I had a HUGE bag of buttons, and Mummy said I was the best behaved baby in the whole world. I really liked the cinema. I've done some art on the wall (Mummy was not impressed by this...). We've been having two baths a day (which is THE BEST THING EVER), although we do baths weirdly here... Mummy says it's something to do with the boiler, but this is another word I don't understand. We have to pretend we're making a coffee 7 times and then pour the water into the bath- IT'S SO MUCH FUN! We let the hamsters run round in their balls last night. Puss cat thought this was a fun game too. One of the balls broke, and the hamster was playing with the puss cat on the floor. Mummy and NNB seemed to get really freaked out about this, and started running round like headless chickens. I'm not sure why, the hamster and the puss cat seemed to be having a lovely play together! Mummy and NNB said this wasn't allowed though, so they put the hamsters back into their cage, and said they're not allowed to go back into the balls until we get new ones. 

Yesterday, Mummy said it was time that we started looking for a new nursery for me because she needs to go and do important grown up Mummy things again soon. She called up lots of nurseries and we're going for a visit to some of them on Wednesday. This is going to be so much fun- I've really missed seeing all my friends every day. Mummy's phone has been ringing a lot lately. She doesn't answer it though. She says it's the Bad Man and we shouldn't answer the phone. Mummy answered the phone yesterday. The phone said "No Caller ID", and Mummy said it was probably one of the nurseries calling us back about a visit.

I don't think it was a nursery.

Mummy went all quiet and threw the phone on the floor. NNB had to turn the phone off for her.

I really don't understand what's happening with Mummy right now.

Mummy says we're going to the Doctors today. She says it's not about my feet again though, this time it's about her. She says she needs to go and talk to the Doctor so that she can start to be like my mummy again. She says the Doctor might be able to fix her. I really hope so. I want my mummy back.

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