Thursday, 1 September 2016

The One With The Day Off (29 months + 21 days)


I'm assuming you can tell I've started working again from the lack of writing I've been doing... but I'll get to that in a bit.

Ok, so multiple things to fill you all in on that have been happening in the world of Bones and Piglet. I'll start with the most logical place: nursery (nursery is always a logical place to start- always).

Piglet properly started at her new nursery today. I had mentioned that we'd been looking for one previously, and...clearly we found one? This was a really weird experience for me actually, and one that I hadn't anticipated being so... difficult.

Piglet has obviously been at nursery before. And that nursery was absolutely phenomenal. She loved that nursery. I loved that nursery. And in all honesty, that was something that was totally just luck. I didn't do masses of research before finding that one, I didn't look at alternatives, I just needed a nursery, and that one was the first we found and it just so happened that they had a place available. Saying that though, when we walked in (and this is such a strange feeling and makes me sound like I'm a crazy hippy woman), I knew that was our nursery ("our" nursery... shut up Bones, you don't go to nursery). I knew that was a place that was perfect for Piglet.

I would have loved Piglet to have stayed at that original nursery until she started school. Obviously I chose to take her out of nursery at the start of the Summer, and given where we are now living however, and the fact that I am starting at Newcastle in 25 days (TWENTY FIVE DAYS ARGH!!!!!)  that nursery would not have been an option for her to return to. It's just in completely the wrong location. So alternative options needed to be considered.

I knew it would be a different process looking for a nursery this second time around. Not only did we have that benchmark to compare any prospective nursery to, but Piglet is also a lot older now than she was before. I know Piglet a lot more now- which probably sounds like a really weird phrase, but I'm hoping you can relate to what I'm saying- and I know what she likes (sausages), what she's not so keen on (sleep), and what she needs and wants from a nursery (organised chaos).

I'd originally wanted to look at four or five different options. My "first choice" was shot down instantly because they were only open during term-time, which is no good for me at the moment. The second one that we viewed was up in Newcastle, and as far as nurseries go, it was nice. Everyone was very pleasant, there was lots of space for them to run around, it was next to the train station so the children could watch the trains coming in (Piglet loves trains- really loves trains. Hardly surprising, to be honest). There wasn't a garden though. They had converted a room inside so that it was like a garden, which was a really cool idea. That being said... that wasn't our nursery. I knew it wasn't our nursery quite early on into the visit. They had organised nap times. Which may work for some children- would not work for Piglet. And you may argue that she would become accustomed to it, and get into the routine but... I don't want a regimented child? I appreciate that she needs boundaries, but I think she should have the freedom to choose when/if she sleeps in the day (saying this however, we're currently having massive night-time sleep issues, so hey, what the hell do I know?)

We left that nursery and I was seriously disheartened. And I was shocked at how emotionally attached I obviously was to our old nursery. We had another nursery visit that afternoon, however, so off we went to that one. This one was in Fulwell, which isn't far from where we live. It's only about two minutes from the metro station, so it fits in well with dropping her off/ picking her up on the way to uni. It's part of a "chain" of nurseries (as was the first one actually). And we walked through the door...and it was our nursery. It's so stupid. It's such a stupid expression- "you just know". It's brilliant. Piglet was going to be in the big children room upstairs; she's slightly younger than most of them in there but they said that by the time they got her settled in the younger room, it would be time to transfer her, which I totally agreed with. Now, let me tell you how awesome this room is. It's amazing. They have different sections with different activities (THERE IS A SCIENCE SECTION AND IT HAS X-RAYS HOW COOL IS THIS?), meal times are self-service, which Piglet will LOVE (although I imagine it is total carnage), they have naps when they want to... and- you should see this garden. The garden is huge. HUGE. I left her to play that day whilst we talked about fees and things. And she wasn't bothered at all. In fact, she didn't want to leave- I had to pull her out of a car kicking and screaming because she wanted to stay.

There was a minor flaw with this nursery, however: you have to pay the fees upfront in advance each month. I did not have £800 to hand over to nursery. So, I kind of resigned myself to it not being an option. ENTER NNB. NNB had asked how it had gone, and after I'd run through everything with him (but said that we couldn't do it because of the fee thing) he said he wanted to have a look round for himself. And luckily for us, he loved it as much as we did- or he saw how much Piglet loved it. So, NNB has paid for the first month of nursery and I am paying him back over a very, very, very long time.

I suppose I should interject here with what is actually happening with NNB and I. We're not a couple (although I lied and told nursery we are because otherwise I had no idea how I was supposed to explain the situation), there is no romantic involvement between us whatsoever, we are...friends? Can I call us friends? I think we're friends. It's nice. We're getting along well. I'm very happy with the situation as it currently stands, and the way that it's all turned out. Piglet still gets to see NNB (and vice versa), I don't die when I have no money, I am able to work unsociable hours.... If you'd told me six months ago that things would be like this, I would have said it was the best possible outcome. So...winning.

I think we were still staying at NNB's last time I wrote something weren't we? We're not anymore. We're back in our house (and have been for a while). Which is good. After what happened I was concerned that I wasn't going to feel safe here again. That it would feel tainted. The flat that we currently reside in felt like home, and I haven't lived anywhere that felt like home probably since our first house in Seaham, so I was very, very, very pissed off at the thought that someone had been able to take that feeling away from me. It still feels like home though. I'm glad to be back (have I mentioned that the doctor put me on Prozac? I haven't have I? The doctor put me on Prozac, so to be honest I'm glad at everything in life currently!)

Where to go next.... oh yes, work. I have a job. Who wants to guess what my job title is? Go on. I'm sure you'll get it straight away. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, I WORK IN A PUB! I told myself I wasn't going to apply for bar work, you know. It was my back-up plan in case I didn't get anything. Basically, I applied for two jobs. The first was as bar/waiting staff in a pub in Newcastle. And it was the same company that I had been a Team Leader for previously, but it was in a different brand. The second was as a supervisor in a health and beauty chain in Sunderland. The day after I put in these applications, the manager from the pub called me and asked me to come in for an interview.

Now. I am rubbish at interviews. Or at least, I think I'm rubbish at interviews. Anyway, luckily for me, it wasn't really an interview! I got there, and the manager said that he'd spoken to the assistant manager at the pub where I used to work and he's never heard anybody spoken so highly of before. So, he wanted me. I said that was all good with me, as long as I never ever ever have to go in the kitchen (kitchen shifts are the worst things you can ever encounter in your life- avoid the kitchen at all costs). And just like that, I had a job (also, they've interviewed other people since I've started and I am very glad that I was not subjected to that- their interviews do not sound fun at all, man). Now, a couple of days before I was due to start said job, the second place I applied for called me, and left a message saying they wanted to interview me. I didn't respond because:

a) NNB was away, so I couldn't attend an interview
b) I had a job
c) I was going to call them and say thank you but I have a job now, but I got side-tracked...

If they had called me first I would have gone to the interview. If it had been in Newcastle, I probably still would have gone to the interview. But... I haven't got my timetable for uni yet, and I figured it made more sense to be based in Newcastle for everything as opposed to having to jump all over the place. They called me again about a week later whilst I was at work aswell. So, I AM HIGHLY EMPLOYABLE. Which is very nice (seriously, so much Prozac right now. I am off my face. So good).

What else has happened? Oh God, my nana had a heart attack aswell, which was very concerning. My sister had come up from Lancaster for the day to come and see us (which was SO NICE by the way. I don't get to see my sister very often, so it's lovely when I do), and we got a phone call from my mum saying what had happened. Luckily, she's absolutely fine. We went down to see her, and you wouldn't even know that anything had happened. My nana is an incredibly strong woman. It will take more than a heart attack to beat her! We got to see my gran and gramps, and my mummy and auntie P aswell when we went down, so it was lovely to be able to catch up with all of them. Family is important. EVERYONE MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILIES.

Uhm... other things...oh Piglet had her two year review with the health visitor. Yes, I am aware that she is well over two now... I am a rubbish mother. We had a new health visitor, because of moving, obviously. She is the best person I have ever met in my life. I love her. I love my health visitor. I always get really stressed about health visitors, but so far I've only ever had really nice ones, so I don't know why. She said Piglet is fine, but there are a few things that she needs to be seen for. Have I mentioned about her feet? I must have mentioned about her feet at some point... She walks with her toes pointing in. So her feet are probably around 30 degrees from straight? I'd already made an appointment about this, so she's being seen for that at the end of September. I've also asked for a hearing test because of her speech (although health visitor thinks she might just be a late talker- her comprehension is still very good), so we've got that next week. She's got an eye test booked for the start of October because she's still got a slight squint (which I didn't even notice to be honest) so that's just to check that out. And the nursery nurse came round to discuss her lack of sleep, and trying to get her into a routine and things.

Seriously, motherhood- full-time job.

In other news, I am so poor it is painful. Tax credits stopped paying me at the start of August because they'd sent my renewal pack to our old address, so I have no pennies. Which is so fun. So, so, so, fun. Managed to renew them this morning and they've said it will take 8 to 10 weeks to process the renewal. Which means 8 to 10 weeks before I get paid from them. Honestly, if I wasn't on Prozac, I would be crying SO HARD right now. SO HARD.

I've got the Great North Run in TEN DAYS PEOPLE. TEN DAYS. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far! You're all amazing! (Those of you who are yet to do so: click the link thank you big love you're amazing xxxxx)

AND FINALLY. Book. Book is coming. I'm literally typing up the conclusion as we speak (well, not literally RIGHT NOW, like I was, but then I've taken a break to do this post....haven't worked out how to simultaneously type two things at once yet). I know it's been delayed. I'M VERY SORRY. Between builder incident, and work, and a baby who does not sleep, I've had minimal time. It's currently due to be released on the 11th of September, and you can order your copy here. Go on, do it. It's £1.99. You love reading the rubbish that I write. You'll be funding my masters. GO ON. LOVE YOU XXXXX

Ok, that's all for now. This is the first day off I've had in over a week. I've been up since 4:30am and still have a list of things to do that is as tall as me. Promise I won't leave it so long to speak to you next time. BIG LOVE TO EVERYONE XXXXXXX (seriously guys- go get some Prozac. You know you want to)

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