Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The One With AAAAALLLLLLLL The Pictures (34 months + 7 days)

Ok, so AS PROMISED here are two million and nine photos from when Piggly and I went exploring at the weekend. We had planned (by we, I obviously mean I) to look round more things but we'd been up v. v. v. early (2am....) revising/causing chaos (Piglet drew on my new copy of Animal Farm. I had bought it less than 24 hours before), and needed to be back in time for afternoon naps:


9am: Cheeky breakfast (breakfast is the best meal of the day, eggs for days xxxxxxx also I have no idea what has happened to my face here, I swear I have a normal shaped head)

11am: Post-metro arrival at Cullercoats/ Aquarium visit (look how pretty it is I am 2000000% going to live here)

Turtle that was surprisingly speedy for the camera:

Silver fish which may or may not be dead:

Starfish ("Mummy, look! Star!")

Bloody petrifying flat fish:

Piglet examining the bloody petrifying flat fish:

Is this real or is this fake I have no idea:

Aquarium selfie (p.s. I'm not ill, I had just ran out of fake tan. FEAR NOT I HAVE ACQUIRED SOME MORE!):


Gross worm fish:

More anemonemonomenamenes:

What I can only guess is a starfish being eaten by an anemonemonomenamene:

Otters ("Mummy, look! Cats!"):


Degus......(yes. In the aquarium. I don't know don't ask me why giant hamsters are in an aquarium)

"Awh, mummy, hamsters!"

V. dodgy pic of sealions (was so bloody cold outside absolutely no way we were staying out there longer than was necessary)

The most disgusting fish in the entire world:

Monkeys.... ("Awh, cats, mummy, cats!")

Tunnel of fish:


*Insert attempt at afternoon nap here*

Make-up artist:


I took Wiggles to this aquarium because I was told a hilarious story by someone at work that involved a fish jumping out of one of the tanks and this was something I had to witness for myself. Unfortunately, (or actually maybe fortunately- I'm not too keen on fish to be honest) all fish remained in their tanks and did not make any attempts at escaping whilst we were there.

In other unrelated pictures, here are Walter and Adelaide shockingly getting along:

Piglet having the most amazing bed hair in the world:

I had my first exam yesterday and it was quite possibly the most lovely exam I ever had (except for that maths GCSE one where I got 100%- I don't think I'll ever top that one). Also got another assignment back and had got full marks because I AM A BOSS AT TOXICOLOGY (I'm so sorry, I've booked time off work for exams so I have nobody to boast to about my achievements). I'm looking at starting a facebook page related to the blog to post mini updates (such as Piglet pressing the emergency alarm on the metro- definitely a top 10 embarrassing moment right there) but it's currently a work in progress, so I will let you all know when it's done.

BIG LOVE AND KISSES AND BRAINS XXXXXXXXX (not in a gross sense- in a metaphorical sense, obviously)

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